High availability


Data Security

Disaster recovery

Different levels of backup ensure the integrity of customer data in the event of a system failure.

Load balancing

Spread the load across multiple servers, ensuring that the server is not overloaded, while also ensuring a quick response from the site.

Content distribution network

A high-speed content distribution network with flexible and scalable servers ensures that customers around the world can quickly access websites even during high-access times.

Database synchronization

Data synchronization between multiple master-slave architecture databases ensures that single point of failure (SPOF) does not occur and leads to failure of the entire database system.

virtual server

The virtual architecture makes it easier to set up, copy, upgrade, and transfer servers.

Decentralized blocking service attack prevention

Professional Decentralized Blocking Service Attack (DDoS) prevention technology ensures that websites are still accessible under heavy traffic attacks.

Website application firewall

Protect your website from cross-site scripting, SQL data hidden code and more.

Website SSL Security Credential Protection

SSL security credentials protect the security of your customers’ personal data entered on your website.

Real time monitoring

Monitor server system resource allocation in real time and issue prompts or warnings in a timely manner.

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